Intelligence Services

Strategic Advisory Support

Advanced Solutions

Synertex professionals bring significant experience performing full-spectrum Intelligence services across the USG. Our dedicated and highly-skilled professionals work domestically and forward deployed to anticipate threats while supporting the development of effective strategies and tactics. Synertex delivers advanced analytics and actionable intelligence to all echelons, from the highest-level Policy Makers to the deployed Warfighters.
Synertex brings subject matter experts and data-driven analytics to inform Enterprise Requirements, Policy, Enterprise Capability Development, Appropriations, and Acquisition Strategy. Today, our professionals deliver solutions so our Government clients can operationalize Presidential directives to achieve real time at scale mission objectives through Policy Development, Enterprise Architecture, Systems Engineering, Analyses of Alternatives, Cost Assessments and Procurement Support – translating enterprise policy & mission requirements into action.
Synertex provides rapid, cost-effective implementation of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions to reduce Operational burden and enhance effective decision support. Putting capabilities into the hands of users quickly and efficiently is of paramount importance. We harness our expertise from across our Data Science, Engineering, and real-world Operations teams to ensure successful technical interoperability across a range of complex working environments.

Machine Learning/NLP

Synertex Data Scientists & Engineers implement a variety of state-of-the-art ML techniques to effectively enhance an organization’s analytic capabilities. Our experts utilize Deep Learning, Image analysis, Topic Modeling, Semantic Segmentation, and other techniques to rapidly link anomalous data relationships for improved data comprehension.

Threat Surveillance (CBRN)

Our Threat Surveillance specialists work to develop and integrate customized methodologies, technical capabilities, and advanced analytic solutions to improve global threat assessments for a multitude of domains and risks. From CBRN defense to Political Instability analysis- across the Defense landscape, we transform current Operational processes into Gold-Standard practices.

Analytics Architecture (Data Lake)

Synertex Technical experts design, develop, and deploy purpose-built analytic architectures for refined data interactions. Our specially designed data lakes streamline software integration and allow for rapid fusion of novel data sets. Via the use of specialized connectors, our technology provides a mechanism to increase automation accuracy and reliability.

Streaming/Batch Analytics

Synertex Data Engineers and Data Scientists develop batch and streaming analytic models at scale to perform predictive analysis and forecasting capabilities on mass quantities of data. With specially designed infrastructures, our expert teams can continuously aggregate and query on-demand for real-time data analysis results.

Multi-INT Analysis

Synertex engages in strategic intelligence production and warfighter mission support across the entirety of intelligence disciplines. Within the ODNI, we support the implementation and compliance of IC IT programs utilizing the National Intelligence Priorities Framework, National Security Presidential Memoranda, EOs, and Federal legislations & regulations.

Cyber-Threat Analysis

Synertex intelligence analysts support the Defense community in the identification and characterization of current and future cyber-threat actors globally. Our analysts support the global cyber threat identification and characterization processes, with particular focus on the effects of cyber threat and vulnerabilities on US global interests and Defense assets

Identity Intelligence (I2)

Synertex professionals have been instrumental in developing the Identities Intelligence (I2) Enterprise Architecture. Since its inception, our experts have been continuously involved in ensuring the I2 program receives proper support to ensure the realization of I2 as a viable national security enterprise.

OCONUS Warfighter Support

Synertex’s forward deployed analysts support Joint Operational Intelligence efforts to counter WMD and asymmetric threats. Our professionals provide high-level 24/7 I&W Watch services in support of Senior US and allied military leaders.